Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Before and After: Blackboard Clock Project

This is my first post, and in deference to my favourite website (www.designspongeonline.com),  it is a before and after. I hope you like it.


I had a large frame bought in a Next sale several years ago. The perspex front got chipped and broken in transit, meaning it wasn't much use as a picture frame. As a hoarder, I kept this useless, broken item for future refurbishment! The space I had in mind was a bit of wall about half a metre wide beside the kitchen door which currently has a (very cheap Ikea) clock hanging on it. Functional, but ugly.

I got some black board paint and painted the cardboard backing of the picture frame - I gave it two coats, and if I had some patience, would have given it three.

This is the black board in it's frame and hanging up. (No patience continued: you can see the paint is not yet dry in the picture!) However, I felt it looked a little plain, and I had lost the kitchen clock which was there before, so decided to add a clock mechanism to pimp it up a little further! And here is it ... (apologies for the soppy Valentine's message, but I didn't want to rub it off. Barf if you like!).


Advantages: message board is handy, option to change clock numbers, font etc.
Disadvantages: black clock hands against a black background=difficult to tell the time!

But I like it anyway.