Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Garden makeover: Progress ... ummm... ongoing.

The back garden at my house has many problems:

  • it is on a very slight slope downwards towards the house
  • it faces almost fully north, which means little full sun
  • the small patches of moss of last year are now large swamps and cover about 80% of the area!
  • the garden is situated (along with the house) in Fermanagh - the wettest place on earth.
So ... goodbye grass. Goodbye moss. Your reign is ending. I know I could improve the drainage, tackle the moss, persevere, but ultimately this will result in weekly mowing all summer, a job I detest. So goodbye grass. Hello raised beds and home grown veggies! The plan involves building the raised beds, digging up the grass and laying gravel around the beds.

Here is the progress so far (by the way, pics make it look like he did all the work ... he did not!)

The beds aren't in their final resting place in the picture - they'll most likely be parallel. Still much work to do over the next few weekends. Next job includes digging up the lawn and using it as mulch in the bottom of the raised beds, with the goal of saving a bit of money when buying topsoil/compost.

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