Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Map Art for Loo Interest

Every toilet needs something to occupy your thoughts while you are ... busy! I wont share the pictures of Michael Jackson in my bathroom, but wanted to show the map art in the downstairs loo. It's a really easy Ikea hack using RAM frames and a map.

The frames are small and hold pictures which are 15cm by 10cm, so I sectioned my map of Ireland into rectangles to fit each frame using a rule and faint pencil lines, cut up each section (be careful not to get all the pictures out of order - place them on the floor in the right order, or else number each one on the back) and put them into the frame. I set the frames on the ground making sure the map lines joined in order to retain the shape of Ireland. Lastly, I measured the total height and width of all the frames in order to begin placing them on the wall so the whole thing was centred. I used blue tac to hold them to the wall temporarily to get them in position, then used sticky velcro to hold them in place.

With more time, I'd paint each frame white and am thinking of creating a back panel in a bold colour, but for now it has been successful and sparks many a conversation!