About me

I'm Helen 

I'm from lovely Belfast, Northern Ireland

I studied English and Biblical Studies (and a bit of Linguistics, German and IT!) in St. Andrews, Scotland (home of golf, beaches, cathedral and an all round wonderful place to spend four years).

Then I went to Leeds, England to do a teaching qualification and was miserable for 9 months until I got a teaching job in Enniskillen back in NI but very far from the big smoke of Belfast. Now I enjoy a 'bovine view' (ie cows opposite), veggie patch, driving everywhere, lakes, country nosiness, tractors on the roads and some very lovely people. And I have a lovely house in small village called Bellanaleck and teach English to all the bad boys in town! I mostly blog about my house and the random projects I attempt which are sometimes successful and often look like a primary school art project!


Most favourite things:

  • growing veg
  • white gloss paint
  • yoghurts
  • hot glue gun
  • 8 week teacher summer holidays!
  • getting emails, texts and comments
  • ghd straighteners
  • going out for a coffee and a gossip

Least favourite things:
  • marking essays
  • getting up early
  • driving unknown places
  • getting my hair cut
  • mushrooms

And that's it!